Hexham Chiropractic Testimonials

Recommendations from some of our lovely patients, In their own words

Hexham Chiropractic Testimonials

Recommendations from some of our lovely patients, In their own words

Improved beyond belief! I had very severe back pain and sciatica and had to take 2 months’ sick leave from work. Within one week I was free of back pain and sciatica, and back at work within a few days. Our holiday to Sweden was also saved! I can’t recommend chiropractic care too much.

Charlie Storey

For the last fifteen years I have had ongoing problems with my knees, especially the right one. It swells up and twice I have had to have it drained. Since starting chiropractic care three months ago, my knee has most certainly become less painful and more mobile. I would recommend this clinic for its nice, friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Adrian Richards

Chiropractic treatment has caused a big improvement in my health. I had lots of aches and pains, I felt tired and I had bad posture. Since I began treatment 3 months ago, I have more energy and my aches and pains are almost non-existent. I would definitely recommend this clinic, and frequently do.

Katie Richards

Wish I’d come here years ago! Chronic daily neck pain was draining and debilitating. Migraines meant losing work days and not being able to do yoga etc. Since I began chiropractic care I have no more pain – what a difference! I’ve got more energy and only get headaches occasionally now.

Sarah Curtis

Invest in yourself! It’s cheaper and less painful than 6 weeks off work. I had tried physiotherapy, traction and lots of legal drugs but still had persistent back pain which limited my activity. Now I’m doing sport, running, heavy gardening and driving far. I’m happier and fitter.

John Winnard

I felt I was getting old very quickly now I feel so much younger!!! I had been ignoring my problems since my teenage years, and now I realise what I had been missing in good health. I can move my neck freely, do not lose feelings in left hand, and walk without my feet sticking out to the sides.

Karen Storey

I had a persistently stiff neck from having a desk-based job and after a couple of appointments with Dr Russell Purchon I felt a significant improvement. I have managed to keep my neck supple by doing the exercises Russell recommended.

Nhinho Carvalho

My partner took me to Hexham Family Chiropractic, where we received a friendly welcome. A professional but relaxing ambience persisted during that first visit, and the process was explained to me- no quick fix here, no new age rubbish or unrealistic promises, and the truth told that sometimes your body has to go back through earlier symptoms to get back to that healthy, normal useable body – something I needed so much.

Laila Rust

I've gone to Hexham Family Chiropractic for years. Without the help I received I wouldn't be able to walk very well and would still be having 3 day migraines. Worth every penny.

Maureen Hardcastle

Dan could not walk properly, he had heavy feet and a shuffling walk. He wasn’t able to play with his siblings as much as before, and the hospital had referred him to the arthritis clinic. We were able to cancel that appointment thanks to Hexham Family Chiropractic. There’s now nothing Dan cannot do. In 3 weeks he has gone from a depressed child who stayed in his bedroom to a lively outgoing child.

Daniel Rawlinson, written by his aunt

I was in pain most of the time, and could not sleep properly, drive, or pick up my grandchildren. I had been taking painkillers but as time went by they became less effective. I could not exercise, which made me depressed. Now I am no longer in pain and my life has been transformed.

Jackie Wilkinson

I cannot praise this clinic highly enough – I now have my life back! I had tried orthotic inserts, steroid injections, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers – no effect. Walking was painful and I had poor balance, I was unable to walk any distance. Now I can walk long distances, which is a vast improvement

Jayne Pope

I had a longstanding back and hip problem that wasn’t getting any better. I had constant muscle pain and limped quite markedly. I still have to be gentle with my leg but fifteen months later it’s much better. It’s not an instant cure and you need to commit to ongoing exercise and adjustments, but my leg is much more mobile and the muscle stretching exercises have improved my gait.

Peter Menzies

I had very severe pain in my lower back when standing up after lying down, all aches and pains from work. Now working is more comfortable – less sick days. Sleeping is more comfortable too.

Stephen Frankland

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