What Makes A Good Chiropractor?

Eight things to look out for when choosing the right practitioner for you.

What Makes A Good Chiropractor?

Eight things to look out for when choosing the right practitioner for you.

What makes a good chiropractor?

Chiropractic is a burgeoning discipline, but it still isn’t widely understood. So how can you recognise a good chiropractor when you see one? Here is our guide to help you choose a chiropractor with confidence.

1) Comes highly recommended

Ask friends for a recommendation. Glowing testimonials trump (almost) everything else. Even online, it’s hard to fake good word of mouth. How can you spot genuine testimonials? They will contain specific details, mention a wide range of conditions, and each will have a different ‘voice’. Take a look at our testimonial page to see what we mean. The testimonial page also contains links to our Google and Facebook reviews - reviews on public forums like those are hard to fake.

2) Belongs to the General Chiropractic Council

As long as your chiropractor is registered with the GCC, you can be confident that they know their stuff. All chiropractors working in the UK must be registered with the GCC, and they can only do so if they have completed a certified 4-5 year chiropractic course. Click here to search the GCC website for a chiropractor, by postcode or by name.

3) Puts you at ease

How do you feel in the treatment room? A chiropractic adjustment shouldn’t feel like an ordeal. If you’re nervous, tell the chiropractor. A good one will be sensitive to this and have ways of putting you at your ease. Avoid a practitioner who seems rushed, talks down to you, or seems disinterested in listening to your concerns.

4) Walks the walk

Ideally, it is nice to be inspired by the overall ethos of your chiropractor. If you can, choose someone who looks healthy and seems to practice what they preach.

5) Isn't holier than thou

Does the clinic inspire you to make healthy choices, but without making you feel like a failure if you eat the occasional bar of chocolate? At Hexham Family Chiropractic we cheer our patients on as their health improves, but we understand that, although some patients want to make changes to their life style, others prefer not to. There are health books available to borrow for those who are interested, and our online content is full of tips and recipes. Follow us on Facebook if you’d like to join the conversation.

6) Can talk to you about research

There is a strong evidence base for chiropractic. Any competent chiropractor will be able to explain in detail the anatomy of what he or she is doing. If they can’t, alarm bells should start ringing. Russell’s guiding principle is that if he can’t explain why he’s doing something then he shouldn’t be doing it.

7) Will never resort to scare tactics

A good chiropractor will help you to achieve your goals, and then leave it up to you to decide whether you want to receive the benefits of ongoing care. At Hexham Family Chiropractic we don’t believe in pressurising patients to make more visits than they are happy with.

8) May have hidden talents

Do ask what other skills the chiropractor has up their sleeve. For example in addition to chiropractic, Russell can also do dry needling (a type of acupuncture) and fascial release. There is a lot of diversity within the profession, partly because the GCC requires all chiropractors to undertake continuous professional development. There are so many such courses that chiropractors can undertake, focussing on particular techniques or parts of the body. Does your jaw hurt? Ask your chiropractor, it might be something he or she can help you with.

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