Your second appointment

What to Expect

Your Second Appointment

Broadly speaking, during your first appointment the chiropractor examines you, and during the second he further explains your diagnosis. We call it Report of Findings. He will also discuss further treatment, the extent of which will depend on your condition and what goals you want to achieve. The price is the same as a normal adjustment.

An explanation

If you come to the clinic suffering from ‘aches and pains,’ finding out that your condition actually has a name can feel extremely reassuring. For some patients, that is all the information they need, but others like to understand why they have a problem, and how they’ll heal. If you show an interest, your chiropractor will be more than happy to explain the mechanics of your condition. If he notices your eyes glazing over, he’ll stop!

Some advice

We also discuss ways you can help yourself to prevent problems, through practical advice on day to day activities and targeted exercise. Much of this advice will be targeted to your particular condition.

To read our chiropractic advice on things like sleeping positions and sitting at desks, click here. To download some free exercise worksheets, click here.

The adjustment

Your second appointment will also include an adjustment.

You’re welcome to bring a friend

It is often useful to have a friend or family member accompany you to this visit so that they too can understand what needs to be done, and support you through the healing process.