Your first appointment

What to expect

Your First Appointment

Your first chiropractic appointment will last 45 minutes. This may seem like a long time, but many people find that this is the first time they have felt truly listened to by a medical professional. A chiropractor is a holistic therapist. What this means is that we look at the whole person, which involves taking a very thorough case history. If we count the form filling, you can expect to be in the clinic for about an hour.

What happens?

  • You will be welcomed by one of our chiropractic assistants, and she will guide you through necessary forms to fill out. New patients are often surprised by how in depth the forms are. We want to know about everything which could be affecting your health, so that we can tailor your care, because chiropractic isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.
  • Next you will be welcomed into a treatment room by your chiropractor. Before the physical examination begins, he will ask you about the answers you’ve written on the form.
  • The physical examination will include a spinal check, muscle testing, posture checks and orthopaedic and neurological tests. You’ll usually remain fully clothed throughout, but the chiropractor may need to look at the skin for muscles of the affected area. Unless there is a good reason, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

Why don’t patients wear robes?

We find that people feel less exposed and therefore more confident if they are fully clothed. Sometimes the chiropractor does need to see muscles and skin, but even then we can manage without asking you to disrobe completely. 

Will I get adjusted at my first appointment?

We completely understand how keen you are to commence treatment and begin to see results, especially if you are in pain. Rest assured, as long as it is safe for him to do so the chiropractor will adjust you during your first appointment. Occasionally, there are some cases where this isn’t in the best interests of the patient. Examples of this are where medical notes need to be sent for, X-rays taken, or referral to another specialist is necessary.

Will I be X rayed?

Chiropractors have an in depth knowledge of anatomy, and perform a thorough examination of new patients at their initial consultation. Thanks to this, X-rays are not usually needed.

However, in some cases your history or your examination may reveal that an X-ray is necessary. In this case, the chiropractor will arrange for an X-ray before performing any adjustments. This is because your safety is our first concern.

Why do you need to know so much about me?

We ask questions about your lifestyle because we want to fully understand the pressures your body is under. This information helps us to make our diagnosis, and understand what has caused your condition. Things like your diet, daily activities, and exercise habits will also have an impact upon how quickly your body can begin to heal itself, so if we know about them we can more accurately predict how quickly you will begin to see results.

We also ask about any bumps, falls and accidents you’ve had in the past. As you age, your body accumulates layers of injuries which can ultimately lead to what you’re experiencing now. A good chiropractor doesn’t just look at the presenting problem, but also works to understand its underlying causes.