Our Approch

Helping local people to improve their health, naturally.

Our Approach

We believe in finding out what your goals are and helping you get there. Whether you want to be pain free, be able to do the gardening, improve your sports performance or improve your posture, we will help you to achieve that goal.

Russell uses traditional chiropractic techniques in combination with targeted exercises and stretches, as well as ergonomic advice. As well as Diversified Chiropractic, he has also trained in ABC chiropractic, dry needling (a type of acupuncture), myofascial release and numerous other therapies. Which approach he uses will depend on the type of problems you have, your health, your pain levels and what you want to achieve.

We’ve seen the benefits that a change in lifestyle can bring to our patients. We therefore offer advice, encouragement and support to those patients who wish to make changes in their diet and their daily activities. Click to read about our health advice and recipes, or follow us on Facebook.