Shelley’s recipes

Healthy family favourites from the Purchon household

Shelley’s recipes

In the Purchon household we love to eat healthily and we’re always trying new things, but even our children have their limits. In my monthly blog, I teach you how to cook the dishes which our children most enjoy. Our rule of thumb is this: If the children say it isn’t worth repeating, it doesn’t get a mention.

What I love about this recipe is all the different flavours and textures which it includes. It’s an unusual dish from vegetarian chef Anna Jones, who excels at making very moreish meat-free meals.


Of course pancakes are delicious, but I always feel a bit sickened with myself after eating them, and would like to lie down for a nap. Here are two healthier pancake recipes. They are higher in fibre, and contain protein in the form of nuts and seeds, but they still feel indulgent because (after all) they are pancakes.

It’s surprisingly easy to knock up a Thai curry from scratch, and it smells and tastes delicious. Lemongrass, peanut butter and coconut milk give this curry a really interesting flavour, and red rice (which I’d never even heard of) is a revelation.

This fresh, healthy and affordable salad is a taste of summer available all year round. It takes five minutes to make – perfect if like me you work from home, or want something that keeps well in a Tupperware for lunch at work.

There is so much raw veg in this salad that we thought our kids would only eat it under sufferance, but they loved it and told me to share it with you.

Some stews don’t need meat to make them hearty. This vegan stew is mega healthy, packed with flavour and so easy to make.

Avoiding breakfast cereals? This unusual recipe will be a great addition to your repertoire. Spend just ten minutes putting it together the night before and wake up to a delicious breakfast with huge health benefits.

It's barbecue season! These sausages are perfect. They're filling and substantial, just like meat, but are a much healthier way of getting your protein fix. Nuts are naturally cholesterol-free and contain heart-healthy fats, fibre, and protein.