Shelley’s recipes

Healthy family favourites from the Purchon household

Shelley’s recipes

In the Purchon household we love to eat healthily and we’re always trying new things, but even our children have their limits. In my monthly blog, I teach you how to cook the dishes which our children most enjoy. Our rule of thumb is this: If the children say it isn’t worth repeating, it doesn’t get a mention.

Home made vegetable soup


Once you’ve started making soups, you can’t go back to eating them from tins. These days I even turn my nose up at cartons, because those soups just don’t taste as fresh as the ones I can knock up at home. This minestrone is packed full of vegetables and is my all time favourite.

A dish of healthy lentil curry


If the only Indian food you've ever eaten comes from Indian restaurants, this recipe may come as a revelation. It doesn't have that layer of grease which take-away meals so often have, instead it tastes wholesome, fresh and tangy. Turmeric is so healthy that it’s sometimes used as a medicine, and sweet potatoes are a great source of potassium and magnesium.

Spiced carrot and cashew salad



This is my new favourite recipe. I’ve served it to guests, I’ve served it to the family, and when people taste it they want to know what on earth is in it, and they want seconds. Thirds too. It’s based on a dish from a vegetarian recipe book by Anna Jones, and it is deliciously weird. It takes me over an hour to make, longer than most salads, but I’m getting quicker and it is well worth it.

The Original Superfood Salad

This recipe is much more substantial than most salads, with interesting and interesting texture thanks to roasted seeds, quinoa and avocado. The dressing includes maple syrup and is sweet and delicious.