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Shelley’s recipes

Healthy family favourites from the Purchon household

Shelley’s recipes

In the Purchon household we love to eat healthily and we’re always trying new things, but even our children have their limits. In my monthly blog, I teach you how to cook the dishes which our children most enjoy. Our rule of thumb is this: If the children say it isn’t worth repeating, it doesn’t get a mention.

Salad Nicoise


Look at all the colours in this lovely salad! Salad Nicoise is a big favourite in our house because there are so many flavours in it. Sweet tomatoes, sour capers, salty anchovies, zingy basil and hearty spuds. To find out how to make this classic dish, read on.

Healthy chicken korma


They say that korma is the curry for people who hate curries – it’s rich and sweet and delicious, but of course it’s loaded with fat. Try cooking this version, made with coconut and mint, and you’ll never look back. 

Three green vegetable soup
My children aren’t crazy about green things, and they especially hate courgettes, but they love this soup. Perhaps that’s because it’s blended into a velvety texture, or perhaps it’s the fresh taste of watercress and mint.

tahini lentils with egg


The other day my eight-year-old surprised me. She asked what was for dinner, and the only honest answer I could give the poor kid was tahini lentils with eggs and red onions. I braced myself. (The children have recently noticed that other people eat ‘normal’ food.) When she didn’t even look up from the Xbox and just said ‘Oh good,’ I knew I had to share this recipe with you.

A pot of chicken curry

If you think the only curry children can handle is a chicken korma, think again. The sweetness in this curry comes from the cabbage, but shh! It’s pureed, so the kids needn’t even know it’s in there. If you’d like to know how to cook a healthy curry packed with flavours that every member of the family can enjoy, read on.