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Shelley’s recipes

Healthy family favourites from the Purchon household

Shelley’s recipes

In the Purchon household we love to eat healthily and we’re always trying new things, but even our children have their limits. In my monthly blog, I teach you how to cook the dishes which our children most enjoy. Our rule of thumb is this: If the children say it isn’t worth repeating, it doesn’t get a mention.

Healthy turkey koftas and green bean salad


Koftas are Middle Eastern meatballs, and they’re delicious stuffed in a pitta and served with salad and a tangy yogurt sauce. Turkey makes a healthy alternative to lamb, and the broad bean salad is packed with fibre and nutrients.

This recipe was inspired by a classic Greek dish called Avgolemono. It has a velvety texture which is very moreish, and it contains a whole host of vitamins and minerals thanks to the spinach and lemon. For a warming soup which is filling enough to serve for dinner, read on.

The perfect comfort food, pilau rice is easy to make and counts as a meal in itself if you top it with an egg. The goji berries in this version add a healthy kick and a lovely flavour.

Healthy chilli recipe

If people knew how easy it was to make their own chilli, nobody would bother buying the sachets. Read on to find out which healthy store cupboard ingredients bring all the flavour in this fresh and tasty chilli recipe.

coconut lentils

My kids love the silky texture of the lentils in this dish, and the coconut gives it an appealing sweetness. To find out how to cook this South Indian classic, read on.