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female swimming front crawl indoors

When I stopped counting lengths, swimming got interesting. I've improved my form in every stroke but best of all, I've finally cracked front crawl. If you'd like to know how I got better at swimming without any swimming lessons, read on.

A model spine. Text reads 'Chiropractic: A bespoke treatment'

Did you know that no two people seeking chiropractic care will receive exactly the same treatment? To find out how he makes his treatment decisions, the chiropractor’s wife decided to ask him some questions. You can read Shelley's interview with Russell Purchon, one of the most trusted chiropractors working in the North East today, here.

Black and white photo of resting legs

Some of the most distressed people who come into the chiropractic clinic are those suffering from sciatica. This level of distress is a perfectly normal reaction to an unrelentingly painful condition. If you would like to understand sciatica better and find out how chiropractic can help, read on.

A chiropractor treats neck pain

Neck pain is the second most common reason why people come to see a chiropractor. It can be very simple to treat, especially if we can identify a particular behaviour which is causing it. Read on to discover 8 such behaviours which you, the neck pain sufferer, may be able to address yourself.

Sleeping well depends on good pillow height.

Do you know which two sleeping positions are the best for your spine? And which position you should avoid at all costs? As a chiropractor, I have strong opinions on this because I see the consequences of sleeping badly. Read on to find out which positions I recommend, and how to get your pillow height exactly right. 

Hexham chiropractor explains back pain using a model spine

As a chiropractor, I'm trained in the treatment of back pain. However, there’s only so much that a hands-on expert can do, and the rest is up to you. Read on to find out how you, the back pain sufferer, can meet me half way as I care for your spine. Some of the tips I'm going to share with you are so easy, you’ll wish you’d known them all along.

Why are white people white?

It’s because of vitamin D. Unlike other vitamins, it comes from sunshine, and scientists are only just waking up to how essential it is to our health. So essential is it that my European ancestors evolved to be paler after they had left Africa, simply so that they could take more of it in (source.)

Sitting. It’s the perfect way to relax, right? Wrong. By sitting badly, you put your spine under stress. Here are our guidelines on how best to sit for optimal spinal health.

Some headaches and migraines respond well to chiropractic care. To find out more, read on.